Succesful Change Management



As the change leader for Delta  Pacific Company (DPC), you know  certain elements need to be in place by leadership for a change to be  successful. DPC wants to change the culture from the more traditional  manufacturing environment to one of a contemporary consulting   environment. Now it’s time for you to help the leaders execute a  successful  change:

  • Determine how leadership impacts the  organizational culture during this change
  • Examine elements that are critical to making this change sustainable
  • Assess the top mistakes leaders make and determine the best way to avoid those mistakes

As the change leader, it is your  responsibility to help ensure a  successful change in the shift of DPC’s  organizational culture. Part of  this includes alerting leadership to how their  own behavior impacts  change and how change can be sustainable.

Conduct academic research and create a plan to present to the CEO  and board in which you complete the following successful change  management plan:

  • Explanation of leadership behaviors that impact organizational change.
  • Description of critical factors that ensures this cultural shift will be sustainable.
  • Examination of the top mistakes leaders make during a change.
  • Explanation of your recommendations as to the best ways the leaders can avoid making those mistakes.
  • Remember that this is a proposal. Make sure to format your  paper properly for your proposal. A proposal is a persuasive document,  so make sure to use proper language and tone. Remember, you are the  change leader, and you are writing to the CEO. So use a tone in your  proposal that is specific to your audience (the CEO). 

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