Superintendent of a Youth Service Center with 150 employees


You have been newly promoted to Superintendent of a Youth Service Center with 150 employees. Several supervisory staff have also been promoted to management roles in addition to hiring of new staff. At least 50% of the employees have 10-25 years of experience. The previous Administration was in place for approximately 7 years and operated an Authoritarian style of leadership causing many employees to be fearful and intimidated. The new Administration has been in place for about 2 years and operates a Transformational style of leadership with the idea of staff empowerment and growth. There are some senior employees who remain fearful and are unwavering in their attempts to develop them under a Transformational style of leadership. While newly promoted and newly hired staff need guidance in their new roles. Your task is to build a new “leadership team” for the facility. 

  1. How would you, as the new Superintendent, need to proceed with possible resistance from exisiting and new employee. Provide a rationale for your response. 
  2. What style of leadership and three characteristics of leadership would be most effective? Provide a rationale and appropriate academic support for your position. 
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