Technical Instructions Module: Contains 3 Sub-Modules



Technical Instructions module: contains 3 sub-modules


TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTSTopic Something in which you have high expertise, preferably in your field, a hobby, a skill, or a work-related/educational area. CANNOT do instruction over cooking/baking (unless cleared by me), gun cleaning/maintenance, the ‘Hello World’ program, or concrete slump test (too many similar instructions out there for these topics). This topic should be geared toward a specific type/group of people and for a specific media (online, print, cell phone display, etc). Think- What topic do I know about that I can make a unique contribution toward? What needs to be written, but I cannot find/is not adequately covered by others? What makes my input special? Sequential Steps: Your topic should be one that requires sequential, numbered steps (take place in a specific order). Avoid topics which require ‘choosing’ statements and/or open concepts. Options: You are free to create your TI over a hobby/ ‘fun’ topic, but also think about tasks that need instructions in your current or future workplace, labs, etc.FMLA- Your TI could be for a process fellow coworkers may need to do (Infant CPR, filing reports), or procedure for students or parents. Sciences/Engineers- Lab/safety tasks, procedures used to build/create/test itemsHave a job/volunteer? Any procedures/instructions needed for coworkers/new hires?Organization Introduction; body with approx. 30 steps organized into 3-5 separate sections; conclusion (with 1 ‘optional’ conclusion element) Each section follows specific content outlined in the CP and/or in the text book Uses correct headings, sections, and white spaceGraphics Used to support procedures, definitions, and descriptions Minimum 1 graphic required per section (so, 3 minimum in all). Most (if not all) will be self-created, unless I approve. Graphics should show/clarify complicated steps!At least 2 specific warnings/ safety information items required (with appropriate info). Style Use ‘you’ style, imperatives, and present tense Number and organize steps accordingly Include necessary information; exclude unnecessary info.Editing Careful editing of grammar, spelling, punctuation, et.


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