Texas Politics and Governments discussion



Post a slide presentation of at least 10 slides (for example PowerPoint or Prezi)

You can choose any state level agency that you find other than a college, university or legislative branch. Make sure it is a state (not a federa)l agency and that it is still in existence.

Your slides should include all of the following elements, and must include photos, illustrations or tables as appropriate:

1. The title for your post should be full name of the agency, department or commission you selected and the year it was established.

2. The first slide should contain the full name of the agency, department or commission you selected and the year it was established.

3. Provide the mission statement of your agency, department or commission

4. Identify the number of employees for your agency, department or commission.

5. State the dollar amount of this entity’s budget for 2017 or 2018. Make sure you read the footnotes, sometimes the budget is given in $1,000s of dollars. You will need the correct amount in your presentation.

6. Who is the head of the entity and what is his or her professional andeducational background? If this entity is headed by a commission, who is the chair or executive director?

7. Name and describe one important piece of work or legislation that entity is primarily responsible. How does it do that work? For example, does the agency make rules and regulations? Conduct inspections? Sell permits? Enforces the rules through some action? For example, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission is responsible for implementation and monitoring lawful sales of alcohol and for helping cities or counties that want to allow alcohol sales. 1 pt

8. How does the work that entity conducts affect the lives of Texans? Is this an entity you would like to work for and why or why not?

9. One slide must contain your list of sources. Wikipedia is NOT an allowable source.

Other factors that will be evaluated:


Style: appeal of visual presentation including pictures, illustrations, slide design, graphics, tables, etc

Grammar: because this is a presentation you have latitude to use bullet points (and hence fragment sentences)


Starting Points:

State Agencies, Boards or Commissions:…

Choose any agency, board or commission other than a college or university.

Texas Transparency –

Use this website find out the total agency or commission expenditures for 2013 or 2014. Look under State Finance> Budget & Finance> Expenditure by State Agency. Then select your agency and run the query.

Agencies and the number of employees:

View pages 35 – 38 and look for your agency use the information in the column labeled Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Average

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