The Court as Representing Public Opinion


The Court as Representing Public Opinion

Describe key strategies that a judge would utilize in order to reconcile the discrepancy in perception of the George Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence; The key strategy that a judge can use to reconcile Mr Zimmerman’s iinnocence is doing both, following and enforcing the law and how it is read. In the video the woman stated this occurs many times in cases like this, she also stated there were strong feelings even thought they found Zimmerman guilty of killing Trayvon Martin. The results were neither proven self-defense or intentional. Another key strategy would be emotional restraint, given the judge is up front and center in court and hears all the testimonies and sees all the evidence. There should be a point when the judge needs to use his/her judgment and the thoughts of the jurors to decide the final decision, they can conclude whether the evidence proves the guilty party to face jail time or how the law is written, if the evidence is not available and leaves enough to decide innocence. Discuss whether or not you believe Attorney General Eric Holder should have challenged the voting laws in the state of Texas enacted after the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. Analyze at least two (2) key issues related to Texas’s new voting laws that the Attorney General Highlighted; Before making changes to elections law, there are requirements that seek pre-clearance from the DOJ from 16 jurisdictions. Mr. Holder had every right to express his freedom to challenge the voting laws. It was a risky move to go first towards Texas because the state does hold power. If Holder started smaller, he would have had an advantage and would have had more firepower to work with, as the saying goes “go big or go home.” Mr. Holder also sought out and challenged was the requirement of the Voter ID law, over 500,000 individuals do not have the proper ID, and there has been a problem for some with providing proper certificates. This fight was delayed because it remained in the decision-making process.

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