The Dream Vs Reality


The Dream Vs Reality

Tocqueville and Weber write about the spirit of democracy and what makes America great. Does it still hold true or is it merely a myth? Using your own life as a lens, -is the American dream a reality or was it always a myth? What is currently challenging it? What shifts around the world are we seeing that threaten the dream? According to the texts, what is freedom, and what does it really mean for those who live in democracies around the world or strive for it? The American Dream vs Reality: In this assignment, you will discuss and incorporate course themes on your personal American dream, the American dream in the framework of sociology, and the american reality. Does the dream still exist? If so, for whom? What are the tenants of the dream, and how has it evolved over time? Are people looking elsewhere for the dream? Discuss the spirit of community, and the American experiment as some of the classic sociologists have described, and also incorporate your book.

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