The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company The Quest for Service Excellence 2


The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company The Quest for Service Excellence 2

Write a report of max 5 pages in which you deal with the questions stated: 1.What are the most important customer segments? 2.What is/are the corresponding value proposition(s)? 3.Consider the data file: what are the main quality challenges for Ritz-Carlton? Is service excellent? Are they ‘in control’ of service quality? 4.Make motivated choice to select a service quality topic (problem) Ritz Carlton should prioritize to improve on. 5.Which causes might underlie the quality problem? 6.How can these causes be addressed? Please keep the following requirements in mind: 1. Explicitly answer each of the stated questions. To this purpose you may find it helpful to organize your report question by question. 2. As much as possible, base your results on the case description and the data provided. Cite using citation marks (” “) to evidence citing from the case description. Also make explicit whenever you use the data from the excel file. 3. For questions 1 to 4, your answer should be fully based on the case description and the data. Make explicit how you used these sources, and motivate your choice of data analysis methods/tools. Avoid any ‘opinions’ when addressing these questions. 4. For questions 5 and 6 you may want to use some brainstorming or hypotheses, and hence your answers will not be solely depending on processing of the case text and data. Make explicit where you make assumptions, or analyze more freely otherwise. Again, make motivated choices in selecting analysis methods/tools. 5. Use the methods/tools from Chapter 3, the Session 9 slides, and perhaps even the tools from the Ritz Carlton case itself in the analysis whenever appropriate.

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