The Role of Project Management in Compliance Management


The Role of Project Management in Compliance Management

On September 15, 2008, the Collapse of Lehman Brothers had truly signalled the meltdown of Global financial markets.  Many had blamed globalization, de-regulations and technical innovation for the downfall of the financial markets and economy.  Compliance had again taken center stage and many predict that we will see a wave of change in market regulations.   Many compliance tasks within financial services institutions are organized as projects.  In today’s world in which regulations change are coming fast and furious, many argue that project management skills are critical in ensuring the success of compliance changes facing financial institutions. Based on our discussion in class, draft a business proposal in explaining to your potential consultant client how project management expertise of your firm can enhance the success of compliance management projects of a financial services organization. proposal should be no more than 10 pages. essay will be evaluated according to the follow criteria 1. Have you answered the question?! 2. The depth of your research 3. Your understanding of Compliance concepts 4. Your understanding of Project Management skills and knowledge

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