The role of Training and Development in the organization


The role of Training and Development in the organization

Description: write 2000-2500 words essay relating to the theme: “The role of Training and Development in the organization: Analyzing the success & limitations of the use of various Training Methods.” Specifically, the essay will focus on the following: · The Role of Training and Development in the organization · The Use of Training Methods (one each from Off-the-Job, On-the-Job, and Blended Learning) Assessment Method: Essay Writing Report (Assignment) Learning Outcomes Covered: CLO 4. Develop a training activity that requires the use of a variety of delivery methods. 1. Main Guideline: 1.1 This is a single or pair-student work. Students must write essay based on the aforementioned theme. 2. Essay Report Outline: Title The title must be highly relevant to the topic describe above. It must be brief and concise. The “Title” of the essay must be linked to the theme. Introduction This part of the essay presents an effective summary of key points of the topic to be covered. There must be a clear thesis statement. All points of discussion must be relevant to the main topic. Note: The thesis statement must be original and 100% written by a student. Body of the Essay The function of the essay’s body is to fully develop the argument outlined in the introduction. Each paragraph within the body of the essay elaborates on one major point in the development of the overall argument (Woodward, R. et al, 2000). The content of this central part of essay will contain: ideas; explanations; evidence; relevant referencing; and relevant examples. It will be characterized by: appropriate academic style; interesting and engaging writing; clarity of thought and expression, to support and the development of ideas and the development of argument. Ensure that: · There are at least 3 topic sentences · Each topic sentence must have strong support statements · Information is Comprehensive (strong argument, relevant examples, link to the TD theories) · Probing of the thesis statement (presence of multiple perspective of ideas; key topics are deeply explored) Summary and Conclusion A powerful conclusion is a valuable tool to help understand the whole scenario. The aim is to leave your reader feeling that you have done a good job. There maybe a · brief recap of what you have covered in relation to the essay title; · reference to the larger issue; · evaluation of the main arguments; · highlighting the most important aspects. Ensure that: · Summary is written in excellent manner in terms of evaluation of arguments or ideas · Concluding Statements are strong and are link to the thesis statement 3. Other requirements/Criteria 3.1 English Language – Observance of correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. 3.2 Safe Assign – Not more than 10% 3.3 Format – Font size is 12, 1 inch margin, cover page, page number, referencing, word count 3.4 Compliance of APA format 6th Edition

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