the textbook Survey of Communication Study


  • Read Chapter 3 of the textbook Survey of Communication Study found in the Week 3 Resources. Consider some of the nonverbal ways in which you communicate your emotions.
  • View the media located in this week’s Learning Resources. Think about how Sandra was able to relate interpersonal communication principles she was learning in class to issues taking place in her own life. 
  • Find a picture of two people that are engaged in an interpersonal situation. This picture should show more than one of the types of nonverbal communication (from Chapter 3 of the textbook Survey of Communication Study) taking place.

Post by Day 3 a 1 to 2 paragraph discussion. In this post you should:

  1. Insert the picture you choose in your initial post. 
  2. Describe what types of nonverbal communication you see displayed in the picture (refer to those found in the section titled “Types of Nonverbal Communication” in Chapter 3 of the Survey of Communication Study textbook) and explain how you see it displayed in the picture. Be sure to use your course resources when answering this.
  3. Based on the nonverbal cues you see, explain your interpretation of the conversation: what do you think the conversation could be about? For example, is this a conflict of a friendly conversation?

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