Undocumented Immigration



Instructions:In this paper, you will describe the factors (historical, legal, social, political, etc.) that have created and sustained undocumented immigration from Mexico and Central America to the United States.You will also describe one additional (unintended) consequence of current U.S. immigration policy. Please answer the following two short essay questions, using examples from course materials:

  • Explain the socio-political history of undocumented immigration from Mexico and Central America. When, how, and why did undocumented immigration from those regions begin? How have contemporary policies such as IRCA (1986), IIRAIRA (1996), and NACARA (1997) perpetuated the growth of undocumented immigration?(3-4 pages)
  • Describe one additional (unintended) consequence of current U.S. immigration policy. Choose eithera) increase in migrant deaths along the US border; orb) the rise of detention/deportation. Be sure to explain what policies have led to this consequence. (1-2 pages).

Use ASA Style Guide for citations

  • Use (AuthorLastName Year) for in-text citations (with page numbers as necessary).
  • Provide an alphabetized bibliography list for all citations used in the text.
  • Use (Patler lecture mm/dd/yy) for lecture citations. Also list this in bibliography.
  • For published examples I show in class, use (description of citation, as shown in Patler lecture mm/dd/yy). Also list this in bibliography.


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Listen to or read transcript

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Listen: This American Life: “Let Me Count the Ways.”… or read the transcript here

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