Unmanned Systems


Now that you have studied various unmanned system C3 (Command, control, and communication) architectural design features and their associated elements, it is time to conduct your own research assignment for this topic.  Your research should be focused on the similarities and dissimilarities of technologies employed by the different operational domains (air, ground, maritime). Think of the differences between the domains and how those differences impact the use of unmanned systems from multiple perspectives, such as control, safety, human factors, policy etc. Your discussion post from this module may be a good launching point for your research.

Your submission should include the reasoning behind the specific selection of components employed for a specific system in each of the following domains/subject areas: 

· Unmanned Aircraft System Architecture

· Unmanned Spacecraft System Architecture

· Unmanned Underwater Vehicle or Surface Vehicle Architecture

· Unmanned Ground Vehicle Architecture

· Technologies employed for the operational ground system, the vehicle, and other architectural components.

· Command and control strategy employed

· Communication links connecting the architectural components

Your response should be at least 5 pages long and supported with appropriate reference citations (e.g., scholarly, peer-reviewed, from reputable sources). Your submission should be written in APA format and include a title page and references section.

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