US constitution since ratification in 1788 to today.


US constitution since ratification in 1788 to today.

To the Following Standard: Identifies key elements of the constitution when ratified and major amendments since then; designs a research plan to acquire necessary background information; researches and collects such information, and writes an essay on the significant legal issues identified through research. Step 1 – Chose a theme To help you focus your paper and limit your discussion to 1000 to 1500 words, find one aspect of the constitution’s impact on our society. Possible themes include: The Growth of Privacy Rights Developments in Equal Protection in the Area of Civil Rights The Rise of Corporate Power and the concentration of Wealth in the Hands of the 1% Voting Rights for All Men – including minorities, and for Women The Right to Bear Arms – and the process of selective Incorporation in the Fourteenth Amendment The Industrial/Military Complex and Its Domination of the World and anything else which you are passionate about

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