Value judgements with ethical reasoning- health care law and ethics


Value judgements with ethical reasoning- health care law and ethics

The following questions involve value judgments. Ethical Reasoning Methods 1. duty-oriented 2. consequence-oriented 3. divine mandate 4. virtue ethics reasoning. Answer each question for each of the above ethical reasoning methods. Be sure to explain your answers and why they may change with each theory. 1. Should I take a gift from a patient? 2. Should a pharmacist criticize a physician if the doctor will not change a drug order that is clearly not in the best interest of the patient? 3. Should you tell a patient who asks about the quality of specific medical care that in your opinion the physician is a jerk? 4. As a radiographer you did a portable chest x-ray on the wrong patient in Room 407. In that the patient is not coherent and was not hurt by the process, do you have to report the error? 5. As a physical therapist, if the patient could not afford the care but needed to continue therapy, would it be acceptable to falsify insurance papers in order to provide the appropriate care for your patient? 6. As a respiratory therapist, would it be acceptable to accept a finder’s fee from a home health equipment company to which you referred your hospital patients? Your paper should be approximately 5 pages in length. Please cite all references and quotes. Papers should be typed in 12 Font.

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