What is critical infrastructure?


There is 25 questions need to be answered( look at it first before sent me a offer pls)

1- What is critical infrastructure? How is the federal government organized in terms of responsibility for safeguarding critical infrastructure assets? 2- Discuss the National Asset Database and its effectiveness in contributing to Homeland Security issues. 3- What is the bottom-up approach to infrastructure protection and how does it compare to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and Risk Management Framework? 4- What were the primary initiatives implemented as a result of the USA PATRIOT Act? 5- What are FISA Courts? What are the legal controversies surrounding the FISA Court System? 6- What is the continuum of social conflict? Provide two examples of current conflicts in the world that fit each of the categories within the continuum. 7- There are numerous definitions of terrorism. What are the various elements contained in these definitions? 8- Discuss the various ways of defeating terrorism. In your opinion, which method would be most effective in defeating terrorism in the Middle East? 9- The Middle East contains the largest number of terrorist groups. What distinguishes these groups from other terrorist groups in the world? 10- Based on the information provided in Chapter 6, which terrorist groups should the United States target as a paramount concern and why? 11- What is the interplay of street crime, white-collar crime, organized crime and terrorism? 12- What are the characteristics of organized crime groups? Distinguish terrorism from normal or street crimes. 13- What factors have facilitated the growth of transnational organized crime? How? 14- Describe how politicians affect intelligence. Explain how human intelligence operates. 15-What is a National Intelligence Estimate? How are they developed? What are some of the problems associated with them? 16- What is a WMD? How does the public perception of WMDs differ from the legal definitions of these weapons? 17- Which WMDs are the most dangerous and why? Describe the historical use of WMDs. 18- Compare bacteria, viruses, and toxins in terms of their use as a WMD. Describe the constraints on terrorist groups preventing them from using WMDs. 19- Distinguish between cybercrime, terrorism, and warfare. Describe the methods of attacking cyber infrastructure. 20- How do terrorists use the Internet to their advantage? What kinds of extremist groups have websites and how do they use them? 21-Terrorist financing consists of two distinct activities. What are they and how do they operate? How does a “hawala” operate? 22- Terrorist have alternative financing mechanisms. Distinguish among earning, moving, and storing resources. 23- Describe the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. How does Wahhabism affect Saudi Arabia and that relationship? 24- Describe the patterns of immigration into the United States. Distinguish between border security and immigration. 25- Riley describes a new border protection policy consisting of two components. List, discuss, and explain how they operate and complement each other.

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