What role does social media play in the US legal environment?


What role does social media play in the US legal environment?

PAPER ASSIGNMENT ONE PROMPT: What role does social media play in the U.S. legal environment? In your paper, you will need to address the question — What role does social media play in the U.S. legal environment? In answering the question and making your argument you need to focus in on a very specific / particular dimension, aspect / element of social media and law. You may also want to focus in on a particular social media platform or types of platforms. ——— -Some examples of paper topics: how facebook weakens democracy; laws allowing surveillance via Twitter and Facebook weakens constitutionally protected privacy; social media strengthens law via increasing police powers of surveillance and crime detection; social media surveillance is a form of racism (or class domination); Fake news via social media undermines the rule of law; Social media increases societal communication and sociality making it a democratizing force; and more….. Clearly identify your argument and summarize the elements of your argument within the first paragraph of your paper. (This is usually referred to as a thesis statement). Your argument/s must be clear, concise, and has to directly address and support your claim (as put forth in your title/topic). You must apply prominent ideas, concepts and perspectives from the course, including meaningful application of concepts and theoretical ideas from at least two of our main theorists (Durkheim, Weber, Marx). Also, utilize at least two additional concepts/ideas from lectures and/or texts to help contextualize and root your argument in socio-legal thinking. Other Details: To support your argument, you must bring in 5 valid sources beyond the course text and readings. These sources/citations must be relevant and provide valid information (and journal/academic books and chapters as sources are the best for this, but are not the only places to find reliable and fruitful information. Please double-space paper and use a normal size font 12 font. Use APA citation style for citing in text and referencing at the end of your paper. If you do not know how to cite in APA style–go to the Purdue Owl site: . Submit the paper (complete with references) online and in class/ paper copy. Papers should be between 4-5 pages–length will depend on the topic, writing style and the ability to cogently state your argument and ideas.

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