When Affirmative Action Was White 5 paragraph essay


When Affirmative Action Was White 5 paragraph essay

Only a 5 paragraph essay. Very simple. But I actually need it tonight. 8 hours at the latest. Review essays must be five paragraphs. The essay must state the argument of the article, discuss and evaluate that argument on the basis of its logical structure and evidence, citing examples from the text, and then relate the conclusions of the article to significant contemporary social issues or to concepts of the course. Through this exercise, students will gain insight into the sociological perspective for analyzing social issues. The skills for addressing the issues in the book should be applied when looking at other issues as well. (For instance, when information is presented from any source, the source should not be dismissed until the merits of the argument are closely considered and evaluated. Likewise, information should not be accepted from a source until it is judged on the merits of logic and evidence. Just because an argument is flawed does not mean that parts of the argument are not valid. Moreover, when considering issues one must assess the logic and the evidence of various perspectives). The essays should reflect systematic thinking that is clearly supported/defended with evidence. There are no right or wrong answers, only well or poorly defended arguments. As students present the argument and evidence of the article, it is important to consistently remind the reader that the story of the text is that of the author and that the arguments of the book are reinforced by data presented by the scholarly expert that conducted the research (This is done by using phrases such as, “The author argues …” or “The author uses the example of ___ to illustrate ___.” Reference the place in the text where this occurred). This writing style is powerful, not only because it conforms to standards of legitimacy by basing conclusions on experts with the backing of science and by giving credit to the author, but it also shields the student from direct criticism for conclusions that are based upon the text.

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