Who Moved My Cheese and the relation to the business world


Who Moved My Cheese and the relation to the business world

This paper will be over the book “Who Moved My Cheese.” Go into the paper thinking how the story relates to managing a business. It needs to include a detailed summary of what the book is about, including the relation to the business world and how it is strikingly similar to the business strategy of constantly looking for the next best thing and not just getting comfortable with what’s good at the moment. 1) The paper needs to be in APA format, and a short abstract at the beginning that will be a short summary of what the whole paper will be about (3-4 sentences). The paper needs to use passive voice throughout as well. I will attach multiple APA guidelines separately for further help (THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO MY TEACHER, PLEASE LOOK AT ALL ATTACHED GUIDELINES TO MAKE SURE PROPER APA FORMAT IS USED) 2) 5-6 FULL pages double spaced, not including the cover page or the sources page (I have attached a document called “USE THIS FOR PAPER” please use this template to write the paper on as this is proper APA setup.) 3) Any outside sources used should be properly cited in APA format on the sources page at the end. (use attached citation guide for help. I need the paper completed within 24 hours so I can review it and make sure everything is in proper format before I submit it.

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