Why does the U. S. Justice System say justice is “blind


Why does the U. S. Justice System say justice is “blind

The purpose of a literature review is to evaluate and integrate research related to your topic to establish a research-based framework, define key terms, and position your work in the ongoing academic conversation. Writing a literature review helps you to build essential skills to critically read and analyze literature and identify key concepts and themes related to your professional areas of interest. For this assignment, complete the following: Explain why you have selected the topic and its relevance to the human studies or public safety field. Examine different perspectives on the issue. Rather than simply providing a summary of each article, make sure you are analyzing the information and organizing the content in relevant themes (trends). Incorporate multiple perspectives in your literature review, both opposing and supporting viewpoints. Analyze key findings on the proposed solution to the problem or issue represented by the articles you reviewed. Evaluate any potential ethical concerns in conducting the research that was addressed or not addressed. 4 pages

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