Wireless Application Protocol


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What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks). 

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Wireless Network

Wireless network refers to the computer network which uses wireless data connections among the network nodes. The data communication in a wireless network implies the transfer of information or data through different nodes that are not connected physically. Mostly the wireless connection and technologies use the radio waves. Wired connections are included wires or cables and hardware components to connect. But the wired network is secure as compared to the wireless network. Ultrasonic and infrared control devices also use for trigger action (Zhang, 2018).


The wireless network is easy to set up as compared to the wired network. Wired network is more complex to install it requires cables hardware devices but in the wireless network, all devices are connected with a connection free from cables or wires. Wireless network reduces the time and cost. Wireless networks can able to handle a large number of users. The wireless network provides good coverage. The wireless network also enhances the convenience, efficiency, and flexibility at the workplace. Wireless routers are affordable to install in the wireless network (Kim, 2006).


The wireless network also became an issue for the person who not familiar with the computer. And the wireless network is usually less secure than wired but we can protect it by using password and different authentication methods. Information also less secure in wireless networks. The speed of the wireless network is also less than the speed in the wired network. Sometimes there is a problem in occurs in signals that disturbs the whole connection. Due to signal interference, the wireless network have average signal stability (Tiwari, 2015).

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