Work On Information Governance In IT Field


Subject: Information Governance – ITS-833 

Discussion(2&2) (Mini research papaer 750 words)

Chapter 7 – Business Considerations for a Successful IG Program

Chapter 8 – Information Governance and Legal Functions

For Final Research papaer(3000 words)

Chapter 14 – Information Governance for Mobile Devices

Chapter 15 – Information Governance for Cloud Computing



Discussion 1 —– Word count 225

Chapter 7 of our text mentions that Knowledge Management (KM) programs can facilitate innovation in organizations.

(a) Briefly and in your own words, describe and define knowledge management

(b) Provide your research-based perspective on how IG supports building, retaining, expanding, and leveraging KM

(c) Discuss IG challenges related to supporting KM through IG

Be specific. Write well. Reference and cite as appropriate.


Discussion 2 —– Word count 225

Legal cases due to E-discovery issues are numerous. One case was cited in the text. Others can be found in this database:

(a) Review some of the cases listed in this database

(b) Choose one case:

– Briefly summarize the case in your own words

– Provide your research-based perspective on how IG (and specifically ESI processes and procedures) could have had an impact on the actual outcome

– Include your suggestions for improvements using ESI

Be specific. Write well. Reference and cite as appropriate.



Mini Research papaer — 750 word count

Reflect on the IG concepts, strategies, and best practices explored so far. Consider IG from both a global perspective in the management of big data and the impact of IG on individual organizations.

Provide an essay discussing your perspectives. Focus on your own connections between theory and practice.

Discuss the ways in which understanding IG principles impact either your current work or your career aspirations.

Minimum word count =750

Minimum cited references = 3+

APA style format




Be causation Please

Very Very Important 

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Final Research paper — 3000 word count

Final Paper – IG Issues, Approaches, and Opportunities for Improvement

Due Thursday 7/25@ 5PM EST

Choose a subject area that requires strong IG. Some examples may be marketing, privacy and security, E-Mail & text messaging, social media, mobile device use, cloud computing. Research current issues and governance approaches.

Write a paper that addresses one aspect of IG as it relates to your subject.

Include the following content:


Background of the specific subject area

Current issues

Current approaches

Suggestions for improvement



Impacts to specific industries

Impacts to specific organizations

Minimum word count =3000 (12 double-spaced pages of content)

Minimum cited references = 8

Paper must be fully formatted according to APA style with header, title page, abstract, in-text citations, and final reference

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