Write a 8 literary review on 10 separate articles.


Write a 8 literary review on 10 separate articles.

This week, you will be using the 10-12 scholarly articles from your Annotated Bibliography to write an 8-10 page Literature Review on your chosen research topic When writing research reports, researchers are expected to cite relevant research and to provide an overview of the previous studies completed on their chosen research topic – also called a literature review. It is very important to remember that a literature review is not the same thing as an abstract. A literature review should not be just a summary, but rather a critical assessment of the literature. The writer should assess the quality of each article and evaluate its content. Some specific aspects to assess include: approach to sampling and measurement, experimental design, bias, and limitations. While critical assessment of each article is important, a literature review should also be a synthesis and provide the big picture in terms of what is known and what is not known regarding the research question. The writer should explicitly point out major trends and commonalities in the results of previous research. The writer should also point out gaps and major discrepancies in the results.

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