Writing A Speech


This project will consist of you listening and observing to the world around you with intent. Listed below are prompts to get you to think about  the role that both music and the components of music play in everyday life. You are not limited to just these ideas when completing this project.

Fill in the table with your observations as described on this page

1-25 List

Once you have listened, you will list at least 25 of these items. There cannot be more than 4 of the same concept (is. you can only talk about tempo 4 times, not for the entire project ) 

You will present and discuss your findings in front of the class in a 3-minute presentation. You must take up all 3 minutes

IMPORTANT: You MUST use the terminology learned in this course. Lack of appropriate musical terminology will detract from your grad


                                                              Prompts to get you thinking

Where does music happen where you wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise? Listen in stores, classes, walking downtown,  restaurants, etc. Where is there no music?

When do you pull out music? Is it accompany you doing something like working out,  or is it just background noise?

Does it make a difference if there is music versus when there is not?

Look at different people’s footstep pace as you are walking from place to place. Can you guess their tempo?

Other things to think about trying to find in everyday life:

-conjunct v. disjunct


-major/ minor




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