1.alternate ending )you will be rewriting the ending of a short story from our class. You will take on the role of the original author, mimicking their tone, style, theme, point of view, and staying true to their characters. You are not rewriting the entire story, but rather eliminating the last few paragraphs of the original and inserting your own. You must include the original story’s line which you are starting from at the top of your paper and italicize or highlight it so I can see where you picked up. In this final draft, you will simply submit your new ending with this line, not the entire original story on top of it. You will need 1-2 full pages.


The epic is an extended narrative poem that tells of the adventures and exploits of a hero that is generally larger than life. The hero is also often considered a legendary figure, such as Odysseus or Beowulf. You read epic poems this year! Remember Beowulf in Unit 1 and a portion of Paradise Lostin Unit 4? Homer’s Iliad and Vergil’s Aeneid are also examples of epic poems.

Page requirement: 1.5 minimum-5 maximum double spaced.

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