state the law of conservation of energy

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January 24, 2019
January 24, 2019
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Define the following terms as used in machines;

i) Mechanical advantage

ii) Velocity ratio (4marks)

b) state the law of conservation of energy (2marks)

c) In a machine, the load moves 2m when the effort moves 8m. If an effort of 20N is used to

raise a load of 60N, calculate the efficiency of the machine. (4marks)

d) A man uses an inclined plane to lift a 60kg load through a vertical height of 5metres. The

inclined plane makes an angle of 30 o with the horizontal. If the efficiency of the inclined

plane is 80%.calculate the

i) Effort needed to move the load up the inclined plane at a constant velocity.

ii) Work done against friction in raising the load through the height of 5 metres. (take