The American Civil War

The American Civil War

You will use this milestone to set the stage for your paper and to develop your main argument. In this milestone, you will describe chronolog y of the event you have chosen and when the event began; identify and briefly explain the most obvious causes; and list the key par ticipants involved in the Event Description. You will also draft your Thesis Statement, which will be your one -sentence response to the Research Question provided and will include three supporting facts that you will use to defend your answer. Remember to use the assignment responses you already drafted in the Soomo resource.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Develop a thesis statement that responds to the research question and includes three components you will defend in your essay.
  2. Establish the Context: In this section, you will write multiple paragraphs using information from the course regarding the time period in which yo ur historical event took place. You will use this section to set the stage for your argument. This section of your essay must include the following:

A. Describe your chosen historical event with clear and accurate information about why it happened, when it happened, and who was involved.

The description must include:
1. Cause(s): What events led to the event you selected? 2. Participants: Who was involved?
3. Chronology: When did this happen?

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