White Collar Crime

December 14, 2019
Assessment 4 Instructions: Remote Collaboration And Evidence-Based Care
March 9, 2020
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Various assignments

This three assignments are for White Collar Crime. For this assignment you are to study the Web site that you can access by clicking on the link below and produce a two to four page, single-spaced analysis of a case of your choice. Your analysis should: Provide a detailed synopsis Identify and discuss the major issues Identify and discuss the criminal activity Identify and discuss the affects of White Collar Crime on the economy and society National Whistleblower Center Click on the link below. Once you have accessed the Web site you will find a link on the left-hand side of the homepage called “Meet the Whistleblowers.” Click that link and choose one of the case studies listed there to use for your analysis. http://www.whistleblowers.org ***Your written assignment for this module involves answering the four essay questions listed below. Your answer for each of the four essay questions should be between one to two pages in length. Essay Questions Identify and discuss the principal sources of lawmaking pertaining to White Collar Crime and the specific influences involved in this lawmaking process. Identify and discuss the essential differences and similarities between civil and criminal law in relation to White Collar Crime, then identify and discuss the principal trends in terms of civil and criminal response to such crimes. Compare and contrast the role of state and federal enforcement agencies with that of federal regulatory agencies in matters relating to White Collar Crime, then identify and discuss factors that inhibit, and factors that contribute, to their effectiveness. Identify and discuss the various forms of self-regulation and internal control as they pertain to White Collar Crime. ***This question is due by tomorrow and does not require one full page, no references needed, or no title page needed**** What are the principal approaches to the matter of corporate criminal liability, and what would you say were the main arguments for and against corporate criminal liability? These assignments are for Victomology and Criminal behavior. *** This is another question that does not require a title page, no references, or a whole page. Just need the question answered What would you do if you were being followed by a stranger as you were walking home? [MO7.4] *** Answer all of the following questions as completely as possible after you have read the relevant text material. [MO7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 ] Which type(s) of threats is(are) the most dangerous? How dangerous does de Becker view bomb threats and threats to public officials? Why is knowing the context the key to predicting which threats are dangerous? What are the purposes of making threats? What does de Becker suggest that you do if you are threatened? What is a conditional threat? Provide an example. ****Next assignments are for Ethics in Digital Age ****This is another question that does not reqquire a whole page, no title page required, no references required. **In Discussion Forum 9, post your response to the following discussion question. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar. Using the examples of the case studies presented in the readings for this module, how do you see the importance of digital media ethics to international affairs, not only at present, but into the future? (In particular, review the case studies listed below. Links are provided in the Other Readings section of Study Materials.) North Korea and the Sony Hack A Case Study on Stuxnet and Flame Malware WikiLeaks: Case Study for Cyberwar? ***Choose one of the four case studies listed below. (Links to the case studies are provided in the Other Readings section of Study Materials.) Using the diagnostic tools in Module 2, submit a 3- to 5-page paper (750 to 1300 words) analyzing the case you have chosen, including your prognosis, prescription, and proscription. North Korea and the Sony Hack A Case Study on Stuxnet and Flame Malware WikiLeaks: Case Study for Cyberwar? Case Study of Industrial Espionage Through Social Engineering ***Examine the three case studies you did not choose for Written Assignment 3. In a 2- to 3-page paper (500 to 800 words), demonstrate how the issues raised relate to contemporary events. Discuss the ethical standard(s) you believe should be employed in addressing the issues raised and why you selected the standard(s). *** This is the question that I will need a respons to in regards to a previous assignment. ****Roshanda, thank you for your thoughts on the fourth amendment and privacy. I am not sure I understood your comments about the courts. Would you write back to me and let me know what you mean by the government and keep on breaking established laws?*** This is in regards to the ethic assignment about the fourth and fifth amendment ***Using search engines and the EBSCO databases, find at least three sources with current views or opinions, and write a 500-word paper on the following topic: The impact of Web-based communication on public attitudes and political policy making. Document your paper using the guidelines in Note on Documentation. Please remember to proofread your assignment carefully before you submit it. Click the following link, which provides proofreading tips as well as information about how your assignment will be graded: Tips for Written Assignments.

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