Write a 4-5 page essay about social mobility and inequality in the U.S., drawing upon course

Discuss sociology, its origins, and the concept of adopting sociological and global perspectives when observing society.
January 14, 2019
What types of collective behavior in the United States do you believe are influenced by inequalities based on race/ethnicity, class, gender, age or disabilities?
January 14, 2019
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Write a 4-5 page essay about social mobility and inequality in the U.S., drawing upon course

readings. This essay should be in 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.

Based upon research/articles on social mobility by Raj Chetty and colleagues, explain

why some children are more likely to escape poverty and have upward social mobility in

some communities than in other communities. Draw upon at least one module/topic for

this course to make your point, and cite at least 4 different course readings. Make sure

you address the following in your essay:

a. Explain what social mobility is, and explain the research by Raj Chetty that finds

that children who grew up in some communities have better outcomes than

children who grew up in other communities. (the article is attached as well as another one with more information that can be used)

b. Drawing upon Raj Chetty’s research as well as what you have read in class this

semester, explain why some children may be more likely to experience social

mobility and “move up” while other children struggle, or stay in poverty.

c. Describe two social interventions, policy changes, or programs we could

implement to help improve social mobility so that all children can have greater

opportunities to live successful productive lives. (I have attached the two programs to use, they are in powerpoint format)

Note: This take-home essay should reflect *your* writing and understanding of the topic

and course readings. You should not copy and paste the work of other people,

websites, Wikipedia, etc. Make sure you cite appropriately if you are quoting anyone. When you submit your paper it will be evaluated by plagiarism detection software.